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Quality Teachers
All of our teachers have a Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate(TCSOL), at least a B1 level Putonghua (mandarin) Grade Certificate, and a minimum of 2 years Mandarin teaching experience.
One Of the Best Prices
In order to provide more chances for expats to study mandarin, Panda Chinese is always the one of the most competitively priced Chinese schools in Shanghai.Expert Teaching, Competitively Priced is the promising from Panda Chinese.
Free Tailor-made Study Planning
Panda Chinese recognize the importance of having the right study planning for you. That's why our professional course consultant will discuss your goals, and assess your current level, then prepare a tailor-made study planning only for you.
Free Demo Lesson
Panda Chinese bases on sincerity, and the enterprise culture. That's why we will give you the chance to do a free 50 minute demo lesson before you commit to signing up for one of our courses. If you like your demo lesson teacher then we can ensure that your course will be taught by them.
Free E-learning
Our students will be given exclusive access to interactive e-learning materials and weekly Mandarin Learning Tips specially designed to supplement your chosen course.
Free Voice Recording Of Lesson
Panda Chinese do understand that the recording of the lesson will be very helpful for students to review what they have studied. That's why we allow all students may record they lesson's voice and will provide the MP3 for recording if students request. We know that will make our competitors to get Panda's self-developing teaching skills and teaching methods easily, but we still allow it
Free Chinese Culture Lecture
Panda Chinese think exploring the Chinese culture
will support the mandarin study. We are holding the
free routine Chinese culture lecture for our students.
Hope students could not only study mandarin but
also realize Chinese culture behaviors.
Free Expats Social Club
Panda Chinese know the needs of the expats who stay in Shanghai. That's why we are organize the routine social events for our students. Hope you will have more friends and better life in Shanghai with Panda Chinese.

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