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Terms & Conditions For Extra Transportation Fees

Only those students who choose private mandarin course may have extra transportation fee cost.
No transportation fee will be charged for those students who attend lessons at one of Panda’s schools or less than 800 meters from Panda schools.
The transportation fee consists of a Location fee and a Distance fee.
The location fee is calculated according to the distance between the teaching location in Shanghai, and center of Shanghai City. The details are as follows:

  Teaching Location

Location Fee

  Inside of Inner-ring Rd.


  Between Inner-ring Rd. and Middle-ring Rd.


  Between Middle-ring Rd. and Outer-ring Rd.


  Outside of Outer-ring Rd.


The Distance fee is calculated according to the distance between teaching location and the closest metro station. The details are as follows:

  Teaching Location

  Distance Fee

  Less than 1 km from metro station


  Between 1-3 km from metro station


  Over 3 km from metro station

  First 3 km 18RMB/time From the 4th km 8RMB/km/time

The Location Fee and the Distance Fee will be charged separately.
If the teaching location is over 30 km from the center of Shanghai City, extra transportation fees will be calculated case by case.

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