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Panda Private Mandarin Courses are exclusively for the individual or private group they are booked for, and can be tailored to take place where student want and when student want. The content of Private Mandarin Courses is also carefully tailored according to each individual student’s mandarin level and preferred pace of learning, study materials, and language acquisition methodology.
Panda’s private mandarin courses are the priority chosen for business people and who need to take care of family and children.

Lessons Booked

RMB Per Lesson

Total Cost


160 Lessons

83RMB 13280RMB 3 years

140 Lessons

91RMB 12740RMB 3 years

120 Lessons



2 years

100 Lessons



2 years

80 Lessons



2 years

60 Lessons



2 years

40 Lessons



2 years

20 Lessons



2 years

Remark: 40RMB/person/lesson will be extra charged if you want to have lesson with your friends, family members or colleagues together.

Terms & Conditions For Private Mandarin Courses At Panda Language Institute
Teaching Duration:Standard lessons last 50 minutes and standard classes consist of two lessons with a ten minute break between them (i.e. 110 minutes including a 10 minute break). For those that require classes of a shorter duration Panda will add a 30RMB supplementary fee on top of the class fee, which will be charged as a percentage of the standard class duration.
Payment Period: The full cost of your chosen course must be paid in one lump sum within 7 days of signing the course contract.
Payment Options:Payments can be made by rmb cash, bank transfer, bank cards,alipay and wechat.
Teaching Language: Lessons are taught in Mandarin Chinese and English as standard. If you wish to be taught Mandarin with another secondary language, please contact us to determine the supplementary fee.
Teaching Place:Your choice. Panda’s teachers are happy to provide lessons in students office, home, or at one of Panda four schools. You may click here to know more about Pandas transportation fee.
Demo Lesson:Each new student is entitled to one free demo lesson so that they can assess the quality of Panda teaching for themselves.You may click here to apply a free demo for you to try.
Course Schedule: A course schedule must be agreed upon before the course begins. Thereafter, a Panda representative must approve alterations to this course schedule
Standard Teaching Hours:Standard Teaching Hours for Panda is between 09:00 and 21:00.A supplementary fee will be charged for any lessons that take place before 09:00 or after 21:00 Please click here to know more about supplementary fee.
Cancellations & Suspensions:If students cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance then students will still have to pay for a full 100 minutes lesson, no matter what the requested duration of the lesson may have been. Similarly, if Panda cancels a lesson less than 24 hours in advance then students can request their choice of a free replacement lesson or a reimbursement for the value of a 100 minutes lesson.
Public Holiday: All lessons will be suspended during National Chinese Public Holidays.
Insurance:The above prices are not inclusive of insurance.


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